About the Activity Book

What does your child like doing? Playing is probably what they enjoy the most. This is why we think they'll like building bridges out of modelling clay or drawing teeth on an alligator. We wanted each activity in this book to be a little adventure for young children.

Activities with a storyline

Cover the little ones with blankets, build a nest for the birds, and protect the hens from the fox... The tasks are designed so that your child feels the importance of their work.

Gradual increase in difficulty

The first activities in this book start with pinching off small pieces of modelling clay and placing them on a picture. The tasks then progress to spreading the clay over the paper, and by the end of the book your child will have learned to make simple items such as hats.

Lots of stickers

There are 45 stickers in this activity book. We all know how stickers help keep children interested, increasing their attention spans and keeping them engaged in their work. The reusable stickers are durable and easy to remove and reposition, meaning that even young children can use them confidently.

Spiral binding

We have carefully designed the convenient spiral binding so that the book will open flat and will not bend or get in the way of activities. This is especially important for young children.

And at the end – a medal!

When your little one has finished working through the book, there's a medal waiting for them on the sticker page.

Useful Tips

What are the scissors for?

In some of the activities, your child will use scissors to cut the modelling clay into pieces. Children love doing this, and it also helps them practise working with scissors.

Choosing modelling clay

  • We suggest trying out different types of modelling clay or dough before choosing the one that works best for you and your child. We recommend softer types of modelling clay (e.g. light air dry modelling clay) for younger children.

  • The quality of the results might vary significantly depending on the materials you use.

  • When purchasing a modelling clay set, make sure it includes white, black, grey and brown in addition to the normal more brightly coloured clay.

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