About the Activity Book

Has your child already turned 2? If they have, they will probably be eager to develop, socialise, and discover the world around them! A good memory will help your child learn more quickly. Here's what we've done to make these activities interesting for both adults and children.


There are so many interesting things going on around us, but sometimes we need to encourage children to sit still and concentrate. This is why we make sure all the activities in our books form their own little adventure! Let's play hide-and-seek! And help the squirrels find their secret stashes. Or why don't we make some cookies? It'll be so much fun!


This book will help to develop different types of memory:

  • Long-term. Children will be asked to recall what they already know. What colour is a tomato? What about a banana?

  • Short-term. First, children will have to remember some information and then, on the next page they'll have to use their memories to mark some pictures or put some stickers on the page. For instance, they'll be asked to remember what the boy and his parents did in the countryside and then they'll turn the page and tell the boy’s grandma all about the trip.

  • Associative. Associations help us remember information more easily, but first your child needs to learn how to come up with their own associations. How does a shark look like a fork? And how does a balloon look like a bird?

  • Motion-based. Remember some dance moves and then perform with the girls at a concert.


We'll look for mistakes, differences, hidden objects, and many more things in the pictures.


The stickers in this activity book aren’t only for entertainment. Some of them will help children solve a task, like fixing some broken objects.


We have carefully designed the convenient spiral binding so that the book will open flat and will not bend or get in the way of activities. This is especially important for young children.


If children feel their work is important and they can see results, they will be even more eager to do all the activities in the book! Give your child a medal from the page of stickers once they've completed all the tasks.

Useful Tips

Speaking Practice

There are some extra questions at the end of the page. “Which animal in the picture is small? Which one is big?” It’s important to make sure your child provides a spoken response and doesn’t just point. If your child doesn’t speak yet, say the correct answer aloud. This will help them develop their speaking skills.

What are other ways to develop memory?